About CyberJaz

Think your business has a handle on your IT needs?

Most small businesses are ill-informed and ill-prepared to address the IT-based demands of today - let alone tomorrow.

With ever more complex demands concerning cybersecurity, user privacy, process compliance, and even AI, your business needs a proactive and experienced partner to lead you through the maze of bits and bytes.

Since 1997, we've been supporting businesses and organizations in the Pittsburgh area with their IT management and support needs.

Not just as a trusted confidant. But as a principled peer.

We consider ourselves as the answer to unpredictable and risk-filled IT, reactive and chaotic IT support, and non-existent IT management and planning.

We take on the responsibilities of IT guidance, security, and support of your organization, allowing you to concentrate on working on your business instead of in your business.

Why CyberJaz?

Driven by process and discipline

You can't run your business on a wing and a prayer. Your choice of MSP determines the efficiency of your organization.

Among other things, that means working with a supplier that's 100% focused on driving predictable results, including the elimination of IT-related surprises. Any small or medium-sized company without full time in-house IT resources deserves a professional, pragmatic, and process-driven technology partner.

That's where we come in.

We live and breathe rigor, process, and discipline. This results in pre-emptive planning for administration, maintenance, and new investment. All of that last-minute running around trying to fix stuff? That simply doesn't exist with us.

We drink our own Kool-Aid. We've implemented internal systems and processes that ensures our business runs as smoothly and efficiently as a Swiss watch. Ring-fencing reactive work in our business is the key to enabling investment of time and other resources into the higher-value proactive service development and delivery.

Family owned

We're the antithesis to the growing consolidation happening in our industry.

More and more MSPs are being acquired by private equity firms or large corporations. The goal is to mechanize and dehumanize the supplier/customer relationship while maximizing profits and shareholder value. Prioritization and decision making is typically very different.

In contrast, we remain steadfastly (and fiercely) independent.

We're family-owned and operated for the past 25 years. Unlike faceless monoliths who treat customers as reference numbers, our people-focused approached puts you front-and-center of everything we do.

The difference (according to what our clients tell us) is night and day.

Smaller businesses have specific needs that are often better served by like-minded suppliers. We're not just your supplier. We're a partner - and we take your trust in us seriously.

Leadership Team

picture of CyberJaz President/CEO Tony Wilhelm

Tony Wilhelm

President & CEO
Founding the business back in 1997, today Tony's focus is on further developing CyberJaz's position as the go-to place for answers and solutions to the IT-related challenges our clients face today and into the future.

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picture of CyberJaz Vice President Mark Huckabee

Mark Huckabee

Vice President
Mark handles client relationships and the day-to-day delivery of our services. He's also responsible for leading and mentoring the team on "The CyberJaz Way" - how we approach each day, make decisions, and interact with others.

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