5 Most Frequent Causes of Data Loss

Many businesses that experience data loss will not recover. You may think that if you are cautious, then you might not need a backup plan. The statistics prove otherwise. A Blackblaze.com study revealed that 46% of users experience data loss every year! This figure makes sense when you consider the five most frequent causes of data loss.

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives do not last forever, they eventually fail. When they do, they will take your valuable data to their silicone grave with them. A study by Google found that hard drives have a 50% chance of failing within five years. Have you ever wondered why server manufacturers recommend that you regularly cycle out your old server for a new one?

Computer Theft

Regardless of where you may live, you’re not impenetrable to thieves, and every home is a potential target. 15% of homes will be burglarized each year, according to the Bureau of Justice. This is why you lock your doors, even if you leave simply to go down the street. Once the thief is inside, they will target expensive items like computers.

Even though businesses tend to have better security than homes, they still have to guard against potential employee theft. Employees are not just stealing pens and staplers; there is also the real threat of workers stealing sensitive company data. Furthermore, if an employee takes home a company laptop, a thief is more likely to take it there, rather than if it were locked up safe in your office.

Computer Viruses

Slowing down your computer or stealing credit card information isn’t the only damage computer viruses can do. There are many nasty viruses that will infect your hard drive. Some can lock you out by encrypting your data, other will permanently wipe the hard drive clean. Computer viruses account for 4-to-7% of all data loss according to various Internet surveys.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters can cause data loss from either a power outages or structure destruction. There are only a few fortunate parts of the world that are not at risk from flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards, and you’re not likely located there. No matter where your business is located, fire is always a risk that you have to consider. A Backup and Disaster Recovery solution should backup all of your company’s data off-site, just in case something ever physically happens to your office.

Whoops, User Error!

We have all experienced the agony of accidentally hitting the Delete button and erasing something we didn’t mean to. This comes in right behind hardware failure. Human failure is the second most common cause of data loss. Knowing your data is properly backed up will help eliminate that awful feeling in your stomach the moment you realize you accidentally deleted an important project.

Considering all of these factors, you may begin to think there is data loss risk is lurking around every corner. A data loss threat behind every corner may be a little over dramatic – it’s more like a threat is behind 46% of the corners! Proper technology management helps to identify and minimize business risks, including those risks of data loss. Are you ready to turn the corner?